38 Entertainment Group creates tailored solutions for professional athletes to enter the esports industry. The Group has launched their first global esports team, Ellevens Esports, in partnership with Real Madrid and Wales superstar Gareth Bale. We position ourselves to compete at the highest level in esports and to establish ourselves as every gamer’s ultimate destination.

meet the 38


Jonathan Kark


Jonathan is a registered chartered accountant and entrepreneur who has strategically directed the development of several early and growth stage businesses. He combines his unique passion for gaming, sports and finance in leading 38 Entertainment into becoming a significant brand in the gaming industry. Jonathan leverages his passion for sport with his business acumen to ensure the commercial success of the group.

Larry Cohen


As a former professional footballer and FIFA enthusiast, Larry lends his extensive lived experience to the world of esports. His in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of the game and his significant network equips him in applying his real-life sporting experience to the esports world. Larry contributes strategic differentiation to the success of 38 Entertainment.

Nathan Altai

Creative Director

Nathan is a gamer at heart and has grown with the industry from garage LAN parties to stadium-filled gaming spectacles. Combined with his experience as a content creator who has managed and developed media assets for various start-ups, he is well-positioned to build the 38 Entertainment brand.

Thomas Horcel

Head of Business Development

Thomas has been a gamer all his life, growing up playing casually with his friends and later at the semi-professional level. Having previously created his own football media start-up and later developing the FIFA scene for Scuf Gaming from the ground up, his industry knowledge and network will prove key in growing 38 Entertainment into a leading esports brand.

Terence Lazard


Terence is a former professional sportsman and co-founder of one of Africa’s fastest growing sports betting companies – Betking. He has founded and led several highly successful international businesses and contributes significant strategic expertise to 38 Entertainment.

Joshua Barnett


As a director at the Stellar Group, one of the biggest and most successful sports management companies in the world, Joshua is ideally positioned at 38 Entertainment, both strategically and operationally. His in-depth understanding of esports and gaming allows him to contribute innovative thinking, thus ensuring a competitive edge for the business.